Virology and HIVAIDS

With the continuous emerging of new strains of viruses, virologists played a major role in finding new advancements to fight against them. They became the most complex organisms causing dreadful diseases. One among them is the HIV-1, a retrovirus causing AIDS making the immune system the primary target. It has been around 20 years, our scientists researching on this HIV and though antiretroviral drugs reduced the mortality rate, still lot more research to be done to eradicate this completely. Join us and share your thoughts alos on this hot topic


  • Molecular virology of HIV & Viral Therapy
  • Viral genomes
  • Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity
  • Viral Evolution and Emerging Viruses
  • HIV/AIDS Epidemiological Statistics
  • Anti-HIV Drugs 
  • Animal Models of HIV Infection and Disease